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We hired Shaun to do 3 murals in our home and I have referred him to friends who used Shaun as well. Everyone and I mean everyone who see's his work loves it.

Shaun was always on time and his work is amazing.

My son had Shaun paint 2 hockey murals on his wall and one of the jersey's was missing a bit of details. Shaun returned and put them in for my son.

Internet is a great tool when it is used properly. People who think it is funny to try and ruin someone's reputation should be charged!

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Add Graphics Plus - Shaun McInnis and Add Graphic Plus is a Joke!


We hired Shaun McInnis of Add Graphic Plus because of "His" story as an expert artist and long history of doing great work in the Ottawa area. He showed my wife and I this portfolio of work he had done over the years so we thought he would be good at his work and hired him to do some work in our home.

Shaun McInnis would not show up half the time and then started giving us one excuse after another. Mr. McInnis has a very noticeable truck and I noticed it at a local strip club parking lot one day as I was driving by. This was the same day he was supposed to be at our home and never showed up.

He then gave us more excuses on why he wasn't there, but I knew he was at the strip club. His work was terrible and then tried to get us to pay him more money.

It just became one big disaster. I would not hire or recommend this guy to anyone and whatever you do, don't believe a word he tells you.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #688498

Although I live and work in Toronto now, I worked for Shaun McInnis of Add Graphics Plus on a big mural he was doing and never got paid for for my work. I tried collecting for two years and always got some kind of excuse, so the work you see on those large murals are often done by someone else that never got paid. As for Shaun being weird, don't get me started on that issue.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #687673

I worked as a partner with Shaun McInnis many years ago when he first came to Ottawa. I trusted to him enough to work with him as his partner on a construction job.

Once the work was done Shaun took all of the money and bought his new truck and painting equipment that he needed for his other business. I guess I helped pay to start Add Graphic Plus, but now Shaun pretends not to know me or remember he still owes me my half of the construction money.

I wouldn't trust this guy to take out my garbage. Hey Shaun, who are you scamming these days?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #686376

This story sounds very similar to my situation. I hired Shaun McInnis of Add Graphic Plus to do some work at our home and he appeared to be a very good guy.

At first he was good at his work, then he started doing weird things and then it really got creepy. We told him to stop the work and paid him what was owed, we just wanted him to go away.

SCREWED By Shaun McInnes Add Graphics Plus of Ottawa


We hired Shaun McInnes from Add Graphics Plus in Ottawa to do some art work for us. Believing Shaun McInnes was by far the biggest disaster our business has ever been through.

Mr. McInnes never showed up on time and never completed the work he promised to do and then left the place a total mess. Mr. McInnes then tried to overcharge us for the work he never completed.

We're just a small business trying to make it on a thin margin and we don't need a *** artist like Shaun McInnes making it any harder for us.

"STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY" He makes it look like he has a very extensive background and knows what he is doing, but "Don't Believe It", Don't make the same mistake we did!!! This guy is a liar and a *** artist with no morals whatsoever.

Monetary Loss: $26000.

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #742646

I personally know shaun and he is a person who can hold his head high when he walks anywhere unlike you morons who wont even disclose their true identities hmmmm why would that be


What nonsense. Shaun is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know with strong ethics. I have had the pleasure to discuss, at length, his philosophies and morality and he offered me an amazing airbrushed art piece, free of charge, just for having a meaningful conversation. I love his work and I challenge you to prove a shred of any *** you say about him to be true.

How convenient that "Rob" "Mrs. Very Concerned" and "Richard" all happen to post negative comments on the exact same day? Whoever this troll is... Get a life. Also, get some courage and say your real name and see if there isn't a real world person who isn't afraid to speak his/her qualms and stand by them. You are the creep. You creep.

Cheers Dbag,

Moses K.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #739836

My name is Tony and I am an artist in Ottawa. I have done so professionally for 10 years and I have personally known Shaun for at least as many. He is an amazing artist in his genre (airbrushing) and I have seen much of his work. Please do not pay any attention to these reviews. Shaun has been and continues to be commissioned by the city and the gov which speaks volumes.

Apart from his work which is without question, the attacks on him personally makes me wonder if these few people are genuine.

Shaun is one of the most respectful and kind people I know. He is always there to help. These comments are all false and in this sorry age of the internet it is too easy to hide behind a computer and make false claims with no repercussions. The only ones that pay are the ones being accused.

Sites such as these do not help anyone.


To the previous postings:

This is Shaun Mcinnis,I don't hide behind a keyboard like a coward.

You want to go public,?Show your face!

Also,if you want the postings to look like they were posted by different people you should post them on different days,not all on July you also did on

I wont bother hating on you because that would be stooping to your level and you are obviously a very disturbed and hurting person already!

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Answer a fool as his folly deserves, Lest he be wise in his own eyes (26:4-5).

Shaun McInnis Add Graphics Plus

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #684698

I knew Shawn McInnis many years ago when he lived in Cape Breton Island and it was a good decision for him to leave as he was getting into trouble and somewhat disturbed at that time. I am hoping that he would change his ways and get some help when he moved away, but that might not have happened.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #684547

I knew I would hear this guys name again in the future, he was so creepy that I had him added to my google search list as I know he would make the news some day. My Husband hired Shaun McInnis of Add Graphics Plus to do some work in our children's bedroom and he did some very creepy things.

I told my husband that I did not want him around my kids or around our home any longer and my husband agreed. Not only did Mr. McInnis act very creepy around my kids, but his work was terrible, so we were all agreed to cancel the job half way through it. Mr.

McInnis insisted on getting full payment and we didn't argue, we just wanted him to go away. I did not want him around my children and you shouldn't either.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #684545

Shaun McInnis of Add Graphics Plus in Ottawa, I can't believe this guy is still around. We hired him to do some murals in our home a few years ago and he was terrible.

His work looks OK from far away or on a building mural when you are driving and very far away, but terrible up close. Look at the faces and the entire work all together and it's terrible. His work was so bad we had to paint over it after a few months. He was always late and would try to B.S.

us all the time.

Stay away from Shaun McInnis and Add Graphics Plus of Ottawa, his work and honesty has a lot to be desired.

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